1v1 is a game mode where you face one opponent with approximately the same amount of arena points as you (your opponent needs at least 75% of your arena points to fight you, and vice versa). The goal is the first player to kill the opponent three times. There is a big timer on the top right of the screen (it doesn't work it just goes into the negatives if the match takes that long). At the top right you can also see your score and your opponent's score.
Arena Ranks

The different Arena (1v1, 2v2) ranks.

There is a similar game mode called Browars, a 2v2 version of Arena

As with 1v1, you get 10 arena points if you win the match, but lose 10 points you lose.

The arena has a chance of spawning you in several maps. They have different obstacles, skins, and items.

The arena points contribute to a total arena score, which determines ranks. This score goes down 1% every day.

Maps(Some have been removed):

  1. A simple box with rocks in the center
  2. An area with a quicksand trap in the center
  3. An arena with cliffs and items you can collect
  4. A room with pit trap-lining the outer edge. Don't fall in!
  5. A simple arena with floor tiles in the middle
  6. An arena with floor tiles in the middle and sand worms patrolling the outer edge.
  7. An arena that is split into two sides by a spike pit with a bridge in the middle, connecting them.

    Map #4: Removed


Map #1


Map #2: Removed, replaced with a map that does not have the quicksand trap.


Map #5


Map #3


Map #6

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