2v2, or Browars as it is called on the main menu is the newest ranked gamemode on, which pretty much replaced 3v3.

The queue times are currently fairly quick and you are able to find a game most of the time from low - mid ranks.


The main objective of Browars is to defeat both of your opponents while staying alive. The last team standing will gain a point. The team to gain 3 points first wins, and both teammates will gain 10 rank score, losers will both lose 10 rank score.


The browars map is a small arena bordered by cliff walls on all sides.


2v2 currently uses the same rank as your arena(1v1), so it is possible to climb in one gamemode and not be good in the other. Be wary of teammates that show a high rank but are not experienced in the current gamemode.

Partnering up

In Browars, you are able to queue up with your friends or guildmates through the use of the matchmaking tag. Just make sure both players have the same tag and you will be placed on the same team.

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