The armor item simply grants two hit points of armor to the player who picks it up. When a player takes damage, they lose armor points (if they have any) equal to the amount of damage they take, and any remaining damage is done to their health hit points. Armor does not naturally regenerate; it can only be gained by picking up armor items. You can have maximum 6 Armor hit points, which equals 3 armors.

The Armor was the fifth item to appear in the game. The items that were added into before the Armor, were the Health Potion, Haste Potion, Knife and Bomb.

However, if the player has only one armor hitpoint left, an attack that deals more than 1 damage will ignore the armor, and still do the same amount of damage to the enemy's health. Sometimes the armor does nothing and all armor hitpoints are ignored.

When collected, grey armor will appear on the player's body. (1)

A player collecting armor


As shown in the GIF below, the attack done by the sword (which deals 1.5 damage), ignores the 1 hitpoint of armor, and does 1.5 damage to the player's original healthbar instead. Whether this is a bug or intentional, is unknown.

How to Find it?

Armor can be found floating above Item Pedestals, or inside Crates. They are also dropped by Orcs wearing armor and their leaders.

Additional Info

  1. When blown up by a mine, armor is sometimes completely ignored.
  2. When taking only armor damage you don't get knockback, so be careful against armored enemies.
  3. When taking fall damage, sometimes you don't lose armor HP
  4. You can now see armor on your character as of the Survival Update [18-11-2018] and visuals were updated in the December update.
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