GIF - Axe Special Attack

The Axe's special attack in demonstration.

Wilds Exploration Video - Axe

Wilds Exploration Video - Axe

The axe is the default weapon. It Inflicts two damage for each normal swing and features a charged attack, like all melee weapons. This attack takes stamina to charge; however, once charged the player spins his/her axe in a circle while jumping forward slightly, doing one-two damage depending on level to enemies hit. For its special attack, the axe unleashes a shockwave that ripples through the ground which can disable and deactivate bombs, knock enemies down ( unless they jump over/evade it ), and inflict one damage to all enemies it touches, even those who are blocking. Blocking this special attack does not stun the player using it. Also, it is the only special out of all the 7 specials that cannot be shielded.

The axe is also the only weapon capable of cutting down trees and picking up wood which makes this weapon extremely useful for defending and rebuilding the fort. The axe is a very good "utility" weapon, meaning it's good for interacting with things in-game.


  • Charge time: 0.6

  • Melee damage: 1-2 health points

  • Stamina user per charge: 0.5 stamina points

  • Attack duration: 0.4 (normal)

  • Melee range: 40 (normal)


  • Since it's rare for opponents to jump, using the axe special will usually guarantee some damage on your opponent(as long as you can hit them).
  • The axe special's ability to disable and enable mines can be helpful if used correctly. If you can knock an opponent down and turn on a mine with the same special, they are pretty dead.
  • Chopping down trees and gathering the wood is a good way to get yourself items. You can trade wood in for knives, hooks, and other helpful items with little effort. Wood is especially good for getting healing potions. Unfortunately, you can't farm coins with this, as wood can't be traded for money.

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