These little guys are found in the winter survival and death match gamemodes. The barbarians wield either clubs or hammers. The clubs do 1 damage and have a special which stuns their enemies. Barbarian Miners holding hammers throw rocks at the player, stunning them and these guys usually spawn in the mining camp and will protect it if enemies show up. They also have a 10% chance of dropping their clubs or hammers on death and are the only creatures with the ability to dash. In deathmatch (Desert Fort), there are Barbarian Sapers who carry a backpack filled with bombs and attempt to stun you by throwing rocks then detonate their bombs. They are the only creatures who can place bombs and destroy gates. Barbarians hate orcs and will attack them on sight, sometimes managing to kill their orc invaders. There is also a giant variant of the Barbarians called the Barbarian Giant and, like the Orc Leader, is stronger than its smaller counterparts . Players are not able to roll into him; he laughs like the Orc Leader if players try, and players are knocked down. Like the smaller barbarians, they too have a chance to drop their weapons on death.


  • One of the game developers, Egzekutor, calls them "midgets."
  • They are the only NPCs other than orcs who attack other NPC.
  • These guys used to be Shadows in Hell mode, just re-purposed into barbarians


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