Barbarian is a type of creature that usually appear near huts and mining camp, naturally attack players and orc on sight.

Barbarians deal 1 point of damage if wield weapons, and 6 damage points if using mines with a successful blow.

Barbarian types

Barbarian: The original barbarian type in the game. They wield a club, with the special that dash forward and stun the enemy if hit. Spawn near huts, two on market at start, along with a miner.

Barbarian Miner: A variant of barbarian. They wield hammer and usually spawn on market at start, along with 2 other clubmans, and near a mining camp, where piles of rocks is found. Unlike barbarian, they keep distance throwing rocks at the player. If players attempt to go near, they will attack.

Barbarian Saper: A more powerful variant. They carry a black backpack, which hold mines theoretically. They attack by both throw rock (far) and will try rolling along with setting mines off (near). They are known to be a main source of Health Potions and Mines (obviously). A successful blow from this one could take you away, so becareful.

Barbarian Giant: Boss variant. They have the same appearance and behavior with the normal ones, except large as twice in size. Immune to roll (a "haha" emote is send out if rolled) and all dash moves.


When there is an enemy wander too close to their camp, they will start throwing rocks and attack at them. Barbarians hate orcs, so these two often whack each other and is included in target list.

They have a 10% chance of dropping their clubs or hammers on death and are the only creatures with the ability to dash. For giants, they drop hammer and a single key that open his hut.


  • One of the game developers, Egzekutor, calls them "midgets."
  • They are the only NPCs other than orcs who attack other NPC.
  • These guys used to be Shadows in Hell mode, just re-purposed into barbarians
  • Saper is the only NPC that know how to set off mines, other than players.


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