The bomb is currently the only placeable item in . The Bomb is powerful, dealing 6 damage. It can hurt both you and enemies. It is held in one of the 2 right slots in the players inventory. The Bomb was one of the first 4 items added into the game, alongside the Health Potion, the Haste Potion and the Knife.

With the bomb you can also damage or blow up the gate to the fort and from all three possible ways of damaging the gate, bomb will inflict the greatest damage. Two bombs are enough to destroy it.

(The other way to damage the gate is to use grenades or hammer)

A bomb exploding on a player.

Tips and Facts

  • Once placed the bomb has a 3 second timer until exploding. Bombs deal damage to every player in its area, except for the Bomb placer's teammates.
  • Bombs can be activated or deactivated, but only by the Axe's special attack. They can then be picked up.
  • Note: Sometimes, hitting a crate might drop a trap bomb, which detonates automatically and can hurt every player within its radius. The trap bomb has a longer timer, which allows players more time to get out of its way.
  • Some people use a "rope and mine" combo. What this is is a player grabs you with a grappling hook, and once you are stunned and at the opponent's position, he will drop a mine and roll you into it. Once you get up, you will be blown up by the mine. Unless you have two health potions with you, you are pretty much dead. This combo will soon be taken out of the game by rezoner for being too overpowered.


The Bomb can be found floating above Item Pedestals, or inside Crates.

Old Model

Old Bomb

The old Bomb model.

The old Bomb model looked friendly, in an ironic way. Being the tool dealing the most damage in the game, it sure isn't friendly.

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