FANDOM bots are simpleminded and straightforward. With one of the most recent updates, they have become more aggressive and more difficult to beat.


They will follow you, and attack on sight. Their movement pattern is linear, so they do not attempt to dodge or "shake" their walking like a regular player. Bots are only able to use default names, and not a unique one (if they aren't a copy of a player). However, they are given random equipment.

Bots who aren't copies of other players may spawn with or without different Hats (only Hood, Viking Helmet, Fox Mask and Legion Helmet), Shields (Wooden Shield and Reinforced Wooden Shield) and Weapons (all weapons except for Claws and Spear). They also randomly join a team.


It is generally fairly easy to 1v1 a bot. Because the code puts a slight delay in between the bot recognizing your move and executing on it, any move that get you to the bot before the bot gets to you is effective in trying to kill it. They die easily when you shield and kick, but this method is slower. Never try to roll towards a bot, as they immediately kick you when you roll close to them.

Bot AI

Bot AI

An example of a bot's AI

How to make a bot (copy) of yourself:

  1. Login.
  2. Join a game.
  3. Close your window.
  4. Your character is replaced by a bot (under your name).

The infamous bot arena bug

A few times, the act of joining the arena queue then closing the tab to make a bot has been used to fight oneself in the arena. The advantage of this is you are fighting a bot, but you still get points. Several players have used this glitch to get easy arena points.

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