Bue - Overview

Bue is an emote, and a word used by the community all the time. Bue can be used to express almost any emotion depending on the situation it's used in. You can imagine it as the jack of all trades emote of wilds. This article will cover some of the uses and meanings of the bue as well as its origins for the uninitiated. Back when the emotes update came out, bue sounded like a sort of high pitched laughing in-game. Beware, some of this article is satire, so don't take it all seriously or personally.

Bue - Origins

Let me set the scene for you: Bue originated around Thanksgiving to Christmas of 2016. Rezoner had just released the Santa Hat and spirits were running high. Then came the update that changed it all: emotes. You could press certain keys to make words or phrases appear above your head and be heard audibly. 't' or pressing the scroll button puts the player into the menu and move your mouse to select the message.

Bue - Uses

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 3.16.42 PM

A player saying bue in the wild (pun intended)

Here are some of the common uses of bue:
  1. To represent laughing like lol
  2. To represent hilarity like lmao
  3. To say gg (good game)
  4. To express sadness when a team mate died
  5. To show anger/sadness when you were muted for spamming (emotes still worked when muted)
  6. To show superiority by saying bue while standing over your enemy's corpse
  7. An alternate way to say bye, rarely used

As you can see, there are many uses for the word bue. And the best part is, everyone has a different definition for it!

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