Capture the Flag is a team-based game mode in

This mode is no longer in game, but the leaderboard for it is still there.

There are only 2 teams in this game mode: Gray and Brown.


The original CTF map actually was vertical this map was actually changed two times and then later became horizontal and then there were changes that underwent afterwards. Another fact: Originally a flag capture resulted in 1000 points, but since the bones were implemented this was taken away.


The objective is to pick up the enemy team's flag from the enemy base and carry it over to your team's flag in their base. Unlike other CTF games, there is no end to the game. You can come in and play at any time.

There are a lot of traps on the map that are designed to make harder for the player to quickly deliver a hostile flag to his base and earn points. Each flag gives you 5 bones.

If you capture the flag and your opponent captures your flag, you wont be able to score with the flag you stole, unless you get your flag back from the opponent. This is, of course, the same for the opponent.

There are two important strategic roles in this game mode. These roles are not necessary, but if your team is struggling, you might want to assign your teammates one of these two roles:

1. Flag Defender, who are supposed to defend their team's flag against enemy players.

2. Flag Hunter, who are supposed to get the enemy flag and carry it back to their team's flag.

Note: Ctf eventually stopped being played as much as it used to, to the point where the game mode was pretty much only filled with bots. This was part of the reason why it was removed
Flag turn

Flag animation.

An empty Flag stand

An empty flag stand.

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