The campfire is a healing device. It can be seen as a pile of stones with sticks or kindling around it. It can be fueled by wood. Any amount of players may gather around it and benefit from its slow healing.It is the only known object that can heal clones.

2017-05-13 (5)

A dry campfire.

2017-05-13 (6)

Throwing wood at the campfire.


By default, the campfire does not burn. To set it ablaze you must throw wood at it. With each piece of wood thrown, the fire becomes more and more intense until the fire rages with full power. After each piece of wood thrown at it, the fire is a bright, intense inferno, which calms after a couple seconds. Each piece of wood seems to feed the fire for about 16 seconds, and heals about 2 HP over the course of 16 seconds (not exact). The fire heals 0.25 health each second.

While the campfire burns it has a healing effect on all players who are close to it. However, the healing effect is slow and the player has to wait a while to regenerate his health. To have a healing effect only one piece of wood is needed, but such a fire will soon be extinguished. More wood does not mean more healing, just a longer lifetime for the fire.

Over time, if the players do not fuel the campfire with wood, the fire will slowly fade until it disappears completely.


The campfire was added in a very early version of the game. It was soon removed and was not used for a long time.

With the new update added in 2017.05.12, the campfire returned to the game with a refreshed appearance and new features like the slow healing effect of players who are stay close to it.

At the moment, there are two campfires which are placed inside the fort in the ruins and just below the ruins, near the small building and the group of trees.


  • The campfire is not reliable to use when healing large amounts of damage or when being chased. Use it when you have neutralized threats or there are no enemies near. Remember, it takes a while to heal.
  • Use it to heal team members, fellow tribe members, or large amounts of people.
  • Feed the fire with only a necessary amount of wood.
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