The Claws are one of the newer weapons to be added to They cost 3000 coins and have the shortest range of any weapon in the game.

The claws have a very short range but swing extremely fast, allowing for a large amount of damage to be dealt very quickly. They do 0.625-1.25 damage depending on level; this is pretty moderate compared to other weapons. It is more damage ice staff and fists but less than the sword, axe, and hammer. The special attack is the tear. The player lunges forward and "tears" their enemy. They will dash in a straight line forward, damaging anything in their path. The hitbox of this attack is big enough that they will also be able to hit enemies that are just off to the side of the dash. The player is invulnerable during this special attack, like many other specials. The distance of the tear depends how far away from the character the player's mouse is. This attack is blockable.

GIF - Claws Special Attack-0

The claws special


  • Charge time: 0.6 (same as all other weapons except for ice staff, 0.3 and bow, 1.0
  • Melee damage: 0.625-1.25 health points depending on level
  • Stamina use per charge: 0.5 stamina points
  • Attack duration: 0.25

Speed: 10 (very fast)

  • Melee range: 30 (10 shorter than sword and hammer)


  • The claw special has good range and can be used to finish off the opponent in most situations.
  • Claw's short range means that the user has to use blocking and pin-rolling to the fullest to be able to tack on damage.
  • Throwing the claws isn't recommended, as you'll be without the strong special.
  • In a battle, using the claw's special as the first move is not recommended, as it is predictable and easily blocked by experienced players. Only do this if you can catch them off guard.
  • Try not to start a match with a claws special, because many players will just predict it.


Wilds Exploration Video - Claws

Wilds Exploration Video - Claws

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