You spawn with a club in the desert royale gamemode. This weapon also has a 10% chance to be dropped by any barbarians, who are wielding them. It does 1 damage to a enemy but the special can stun your opponent, giving you a chance to smack the enemy around.

The club has the chance to inflict stun upon enemies hit by the normal attack, charge attack, and jump slash.

The club special is a lunge forward. It has a very narrow hotbox and not a lot of range, but it can be very effective if landed. The special doesn't do damage, but will stun opponents once landed. This allows players to stun their opponents and deliver much more devastating attacks, like successfully throwing their weapon or dropping a mine.


  • Charge time: 0.6
  • Base melee damage: 1
  • Attack duration: 0.5
  • Charge time: 0.6
  • Melee range: 40


  • The club's chance of inflicting stun is very useful. Be prepared for opponents to possibly be stunned after they are hit, and don't waste the opportunity to do some more damage to them
  • The club special is very quick, but the small hotbox makes it hard to aim. Make sure to think about this when using it on opponents
  • If you have a club, stock up on bombs. If you can land the special or get lucky with the stun chance of normal hits, you can easily kill your opponent by dropping the bomb and then rolling into them.
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