There are a few additions that have been confirmed over discord by Rezoner. This article is in NO WAY a list of "planned" userecho topics, so please do not add any. This article is a tentative list of things confirmed or strongly alluded to by Rezoner during an unofficial "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) on discord.

  • It was confirmed that the game will be moving towards survival more than hack 'n slash in the near future, starting with the addition of choppable trees. Rezoner has said that resources like wood and stone are actively being worked on.
  • When asked if water would be added, Rezoner responded, "One day probably yes - but that's not the focus now - the focus is to make forts". So in one fell swoop, he confirmed the addition of water and the focus of adding more forts.
  • It seems as though the game will be taking steps toward more of a team based battle - with more forts and possibly catapults! To quote Rez, "The focus is to make forts with gates and repairable wall and catapult, but I don't know if it's going to happen". The catapult would "be created with wood - but it can throw stones or ppl".
  • There will be a bit of a hold on weapons for now as he said, "I am not adding weapons for a while, I want to add meta content".
  • There were a few times he mentioned breaking the game up into modes, "hack'n'slash and more meta one", referring to splitting the game modes into a hack and slash mode and a survival team-based mode.
  • 1v1 will be seeing some updates (hopefully) soon - with the addition of some randomization (possibly mountains and quicksand): "I want to add many mini maps to 1 vs 1 - so you always play on a little different environment"
  • He also said that he didn't like how health & items were so accessible, and how he wanted to add more of a crafting aspect, "Where stuff isn't lying everywhere like you have to craft the knives, bombs, potions"
  • In regard to CTF, he said, "It's dead because this mode needs a timer. It wasn't a good idea to make it an everlasting game like ruins". Maybe there will be CTF "matches" like soccer where the first team to 10 or so wins.

Other additions

There is some speculation as to what is going to be added that has NOT been confirmed by Rezoner. The page for this is: Possible Upcoming Additions

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