This gamemode is called desert fort in game. It is a simple blood bath with one goal in mind; kill everyone who opposes you and be victorious. This is currently the default map and most popular gamemode in wilds as of now.


You have to kill as many players as possible on the other teams to collect bones, and claim the fort & marketplace from the other team and protect it.


The players spawn in one of the two spawn forts depending on the team while the renegades(None) spawn randomly on the map. There are houses scattered across the map with item pedestals, crates or archer lookout towers that can be captured by other teams and like the desert royale, has unlocked doors with the exception of archer lookout towers and takes place in a desert. There are Barbarian camps, mining camps and Barbarian Giants protecting their houses and the treasures inside them scattered across the map. A small fort is located on the center of the map with 1 gate on one side instead of 2 on both sides. A marketplace is located somewhere on the map and can be captured like the fort by teams that gives you access to 3 barbarians who protect it upon capture and access to a treasure chest with 2 item pedestals inside.


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