Emotes are ways of humorous expression and communication in that were added in an update before Christmas 2016. They were very well received by the community. The emotes were later removed to make room for things that were planned. To access an emote, hold down your mouse scroll wheel or hold your keyboard T button (this can be changed in the settings). Move your cursor over one of the 9 emotes, then let go to express yourself quickly. An emote will appear as text above your player, and the emote read aloud in a voice. You can change the way your players voice by purchasing a Voice Pack from the armory. It will appear as if it were a chat message, except it cannot be seen in chat.

Some creatures, like orcs or barbarians will use emotes in specific situations. For example if you roll into an Orc Leader or a Barbarian Giant, he will "answer" with a kick, and taunt you with "Haha" emote. Also when you activate the special for the Scythe, it also activates the "get over here" emote causing nearby players to get dragged towards you.


All the original emotes. This emote menu showed up when you pressed on the the emote keys. These emotes were later revamped.

Original Emotes

The original emotes were not activated by an emote wheel, but by several hotkeys.

  • Yes [Y] Agreement.
  • No [N] Disagreement.
  • Follow Me [F] Most often used when a player wanted another player to follow them.
  • Help [H] A player in need would most likely use this emote, to indicate that they need help, whether in health or a team.
  • Attack [T] A command given by a player to another teammate, or to an enemy, to show that the player is ready to fight. This is frequently used when players are attempting to siege the Fort.
  • Guard [G] "Defend!" Most frequently used in the game mode CTF (Capture the Flag) to encourage other players defend their team's flag.
  • Bue [B] Bue was probably the most famous and favored emote. It most likely is a shortened "Bueno," which means good in Spanish, but sometime's it is used to laugh. See Bue for more information on this unique emote.
  • Vrngh [V] "Angry" players would use this emote, when for example losing a fight to another player.
  • Good Job [J] A sign of appreciation by someone else's nice work. Also very popular.

    A player using the famous "Bue" emote.

Emote Revision:

2017-05-29 (2)

Selecting "Vrngh" from the emote wheel. Simply hold down your mouse wheel or hold down T, move your cursor to your desired emote, then release.

On May 29th, 2017, a new emote wheel was added due to high demand. Several changes were made:

  • Yes [Y] has been changed to "Ok," meaning the same thing...
  • Guard [G] is now known as "Defend," meaning the same thing...
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