The Fire Staff was the precursor to the Ice Staff. It was a work in progress for a couple months, but some users found out how to hack it in. For testing purposes, the fire staff was severely over powered. This had disastrous effects when applied to non testing purposes (Read: Used in the game). Subsequently, when the exploit was discovered by players, rezoner patched the exploit and removed the fire staff from the code in all but the sprite sheets. The fire staff shot a stream of rapid fire arrows capable of killing a player in seconds.


  • Charge time: Fire staff was before charge attacks
  • Stamina user per charge: None
  • Melee damage: 2.0 health points
  • Attack duration: 0.4 (normal)
  • Melee range: 40 (normal)
  • Ranged damage: 0.5
  • Rate of fire: 10 arrows per second

    The never used, still rough gif of the Fire Staff's special attack

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