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Fort, formerly known as ruins, is the default game mode in In this game mode, you can choose between 3 teams to play as; Gray Wolfs, Brown Bears, and Black Rogues. This game mode is where you can find the most players, as it is the default one.


The goal in this game mode is to acquire as many bones as possible, thus to become the King.


The Fort Map is the largest map in The map consists of buildings, paths, shops, traps, a forest, campfires, a quicksand trap, a Supply Shed and a worm pit. Additionally, this map is the home of The Mysterious Eyes in the Cave.

Along with the update that was added in 2017.05.12 in the center of the map where the chest was previously, there is now a large fort with gates. Players of the grey and brown team can fight for dominance over the fort which adds a purpose for players from both teams. The gamemode was renamed "fort" in the menu.

Old Maps

Old Ruins Map

The previous map from around February 2017. (Click image for full resolution)

The map from around February 2017 is very similar to the current Fort Map, although it included more buildings to the east and spikes in some of them. Also, the fort structure in the middle is replaced by a hill with a chest.

The desert map was replaced in 2018 by the winter map.

Decorations of Ruins

In the ruins there are a few decorations that have been created by players such as:

The Stone Path, created by Egzekutor (Top)


The Palisades, created by Egzekutor (Bottom)

When the game first launched, there was no ruins, only a large desert map populated with quicksand, monsters, and players.

Around a year after it launched, Rezoner introduced the new ruins map. This had a large common area ruin in the middle, complete with spikes, guillotine doors, a sandworm, pits, a courtyard, and a treasure chest. This also had smaller buildings placed in the surrounding area.

Rezoner also changed it to a type of marketplace area similar to the capture the flag map for a little bit before the February 2017 version.

Fun in-map minigames :D

  1. Weapon Kicking: In Weapon Kicking, 2 players stand direcly in front of each other , and face each other. Then, one player Throws a weapon at the other after a countdown, and each side has to kick the weapon back at the other player, until one player is damaged by the kicked weapon. Then, this is repeated until a player is killed, and the player that killed the other player is the winner.
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