The gates act as entrances through which you can get to the fort. When one team takes over the fort, the gate is also assigned to that team and only members of that team can pass through the gate. Projectiles fired from the inside of the fort pass through the fort walls, while projectiles from the outside are stopped.


The team that currently has control of the fort can be seen through the color of the flags attached to the top of the gate. However, players from the opposing team can destroy the gate in several different ways. The gate can be damaged with:

  1. Bombs
  2. Grenades
  3. The Hammer

The greatest damage is done by bombs and each deal half of the gate's total health. Only two bombs are necessary for the gate to break. Grenades inflict half of that, 1/4 damage, and takes 4 grenades to completely destroy the gate. The hammer is the only weapon that can destroy the gate. However, it takes a great number of hits and leaves the player vulnerable to attacks from within the fort.

When the gate is damaged or destroyed, a rotating wood icon appears above it, and gate can be repaired by using wood that is extracted from the trees using an axe. To repair it the player has to throw a piece of wood towards the gate by pressing the corresponding item key.

Any "Repair fort gate" quests can be performed regardless of whether or not the fort gate is broken. If a player throws wood at a repaired gate, it will still count towards the quest.

Members of two teams can repair the gate. Gate acts as a barrier from when it's hp bar is full to when it has only 1 hp. When a gate is completely destroyed, the fort is invulnerable until the gate is completely repaired, and the barrier is created again.


Fort in current version has 4 Acher Orcs


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