This page lists all the current and fixed bugs in Feel free to add any unlisted glitches you find, or add glitches to the fixed section after they've been fixed.

Current Glitches

  1. Hook Flinging glitch: When two players hook each other at the same time, their location will be reset and they are "teleported" somewhere else. This can be used to get inside the fort.
    The hook flinging glitch in action

    The hook flinging glitch in Bug Legal - Cool Bug

  2. Levitating Glitch: This glitch only happens in Football, the arena 1v1, and the arena 3v3 when the players respawn after winning. If you are on the winning side and jump just as the game is reset, you'll respawn levitating. This doesn't affect gameplay at all, and you fall back to the ground once hit. This glitch doesn't just make you levitate. If you sprint or roll as the game resets, you'll respawn the same way.
  3. Clone glitch: When you have clones, die, and respawn very quickly, your clones won't have died yet and may come back to you. This is due to a timing error with the coding.
  4. Many new glitches came with the update. The campfire healing works when off and dolls that are dead near it have the healing buff. Dead bodies also will raise the flag

Fixed Glitches

  1. You used to be able to dash through walls after multiple updates.
  2. Axe Throw: In 1v1 arena, when players threw their weapon just before the game reset, it would jump back to them. You could use this to hit opposing players as they reset.
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