Goblins attacking player

The Goblin is the most common of the creatures in It is small, fast and agile. The goblin was once removed, but was added again along with the Easter Event.

About the goblin

The Goblin is a small, green creature with brown pants. It does only 1 damage, but may be difficult to hit it, as they quickly fall back after attempting to hit you. The goblin has just a small fraction of health, it can be killed with every attack, even with one punch. You can block the goblin's attack. The goblin was removed in a previous update, but was added along the Easter Event. It usually spawns in the outskirts of the Ruins where the Players spawn. They most spawn in the middle left and the middle right of the map. They are known to be very annoying. It is recommended to hit before they attack you. Once you kill a goblin, they may drop a health orb, or, very rarely, a health potion.


  • Move backwards while facing the goblin, and keep spamming Left Click (regular attack). That way, it's difficult for the goblin to hit you, while you will most likely get rid of him with one of your attacks.
  • Kicking the goblin might also be an effective attack against it, just make sure to time it right. If you kick too early or too late, the goblin will hit you.
  • Don't block the goblins attack unless you have too. Once the goblin hits your shield it will run away, circle around and come strike again. Since they are so quick, there is usually not enough time to hit them once they hit your shield and start to run.


This creature has been speculated to have a Mysterious Cave in Ruins, it is theorized to dwell in. Although, nobody knows for sure.

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