The Grappling Hook is a throwable item that is used once and is also summoned when using the scythe special ability when players are nearby. It is held in the 2 right slots of a Player's Inventory. When used, the grappling hook shoots out a long rope, with a sharp hook on the end. There are two uses for the grappling hook:
  1. The grappling hook grabs a player of the opposite team and deals 1 damage point, while carrying the player to your position while stunned. There are a few tips on what to do with the player next.
  2. The grappling hook will pull a player of your own team close to you without dealing damage. Players use this to pull ally's into the fort to help them take it, or to troll them by putting them in a fort full of enemies.
  3. Double grapple-hooking a player of your own team over the spikes can kill your teammate. This technique is usually used for trolling.

The grappling hook is also sometimes referred to as an "auto hug".The only way to oppose a grappling hook is by blocking and this causes the other player to get stunned.

Note: Grabbing an opponent with a grappling hook through a wall will still take them to your position, with the player going through the wall you shot it through. The problem is that with specific walls, once the player is grabbed and goes through it, they will fall down before they get to you, stopping you from using a combo on them while the get up.

Countering the Grapple Hook:

  1. When a hook almost comes to contact with you, block instantly to deny the grappling action, resulting your opponent to lose the grapple hook, and stunning your opponent.
  2. When using a sword, perform your special attack when you are grappled by your opponent to deal damage to your opponent. However, you will still receive that 1 hp damage from the direct grappling action.
  3. As a player of the same team as you grapples you, you cannot deny nor counter it. You can only run.
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