The Graveyard is a gamemode released on Oct. 4, 2017 by Rezoner. The game has brand new sprites made by Egzekutor, and has shadows and humans as the players.

Graveyard was removed on 1/10/2018


At least 10 players are needed to start the Graveyard mode. In the Graveyard, humans are selected at random. Anyone who is not selected as a human becomes a shadow. These shadows must hunt down and kill every human. The last person alive is the winner.

How To Score

In order to score as a human, you must survive as long as you can until you're the last one standing. Every other human a shadow kills is one more point to you. To win as a shadow you simply have to kill as many humans as you can. Humans are spawned with little health, so try to be quick to attack them while you are a shadow before they can regenerate their HP.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.21.42 PM

The layout of the shadow spawn point.

Shadows are automatically spawned in the main graveyard area upon entering the game. These shadows are players. All shadows have different gear that is currently equipped by the player. Players cannot see shadows that are behind a wall.

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