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Grenade on the ground

The grenade is a throwable item. The grenade sits in one of the right slots in the player's inventory, and is useable once. The grenade is round and brown, with a small fuse sticking out of the top.

The grenade deals 3 damage when it explodes upon impact of the opposing player.

Grenades can also be used to damage the gates leading to the fort. They do average damage and since the player does not have to approach the gate they are great for dealing damage from afar.

The grenade is sometimes referred to as a "coconut" because the grenade is a coconut cut in half and filled with gunpowder.


The Grenade's Range:

  • A previous update has removed the grenade's infinite range.
  • Now the grenade can only be thrown within the sight of the maximum scope zoomed out of a player's screen.
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