The hammer special attack can be used to cross pits

The Hammer is almost identical to the Axe, with a few exceptions. The special attack is a melee lunge pound. The player long-jumps forward and smashes the ground; s/he is invincible throughout the attack from non-explosives. The attack does splash damage in a small radius, knocking down and inflicting one-two damage depending on level to all enemies that are not blocking. The more distance traveled when attacking using this ability, the more damage it deals when it hits a player. Blocking this special attack does not stun the player using it. The second difference from the axe is the hammer does 1-2 damage depending on level, as well as having a slower attack rate and a 15% chance to stun the enemy with a normal hit.

The hammer also possesses an unusual ability that other weapons do not have. It can damage gates with ordinary "spam" attacks. This makes it a very good weapon to lay siege to the fort. It can also mine rocks that are scattered across the map.


  • Charge time: 0.6
  • Melee damage: 1-2 health points. 15% chance of stun
  • Stamina use per charge: 0.5 stamina points
  • Attack duration: 0.5 (slower than axe)
  • Melee range: 40 (normal)
GIF - Hammer Special Attack

The Hammer's special attack in demonstration.


  • The hammer special is very strong, but can be hard to use. Just remember that if you're moving forward while doing it, you'll get a very long jump. Try to judge when to do it so you don't bypass your target.
  • If you move backwards and do the special it becomes more of a defensive spacing move.
  • You can use the special as a shield and hit enemies at the same time.
  • The hammer is slow in attacks, so when you block someone, you will most likely get 1 hit in. If you are INCREDIBLY quick, you can hit the opponent 2 times, which is favorable, since it will have dealt a lot of damage.
  • During a special attack, if you actually hit your opponent with the head of the hammer, you will get more damage in with it. If you hit your opponent with the shockwave the hammer special creates around it, it wont be as much damage.
  • Using a nicely timed spin attack with your hammer gets a lot of damage in, and is very quick (for a hammer, at least)
  • When your opponent is about to roll, be quick and hit them with your hammer while they're vulnerable.
  • Though crossing the pit with the hammer's special is eligible, it is not possible for the hammer's special to get you cross over spikes, which will result in a immediate death of yourself.
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