The Haste Potion is tinted yellow/orange and is in the shape of a bottle. This potion increases your speed in general and attack speed, while also lowering you stamina two times quicker. The haste potion lasts for approximately 3-4 seconds, and lowers recharge time for special attacks. The Haste Potion was one of the first 4 items to be added in the game, alongside the Health Potion, the Knife, and the Bomb.

Tips and Facts

  • The haste potion is held in the two left slots in the Player's Inventory.
  • This potion is no longer tradable by shops, but still available in terms of player to player.
  • The haste potion does not boost the regeneration rate of your stamina.

How to Find it?

The Haste Potion can be found floating above Item Pedestals, and inside Crates.

Old Model

The old model was a yellow bottle with a tiny lightning symbol motive.

Old Haste Potion-0

The old Haste Potion model.


Haste potion at work. It releases a yellow aura when used.

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