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The health bar (green), armor bar (grey), stamina bar (white)

The health bar implemented in is pretty simple to understand. The health bar is indicated as a green bar above the player's head. It gets shorter on both sides when you are damaged, until eventually you are killed.

Players on the same team as you will have a green health bar and enemies will have an orange/red health bar.

Health Orbs add 0.5 hitpoints each.

If you pick up Armor, little squares representing the armor will appear on top of the health bar. For more info, go to the armor page.

Previous Versions

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The Green Circle is a Health Bar

Until the update on October 18, 2018, health bars were indicated by a small circle around the player. Armor would also become an outer circle.

The original armor mechanics

Screenshot (346)

The green bar is the health

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The health bar during the Survival Update [18-11-2018]

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