Taking the health potion creates a red flash and it increase Hp by 2 each time

The health potion is one of the two ways to obtain health after losing it. Using the health potion heals a quarter of your total health. Your health can be seen on your health bar which is the green circle around your player. The Health Potion was one of the 4 first items added into the game, alongside the Haste Potion, the Knife and the Bomb.

Tips and Facts

  • Health potions are the only item that may be used after death, technically. If your total health falls below 0, and you have a health potion in one of your item slots, it will automatically be used. This is extremely helpful, because other players will not know if you have an extra health potion or not, which gives you an advantage.
  • You may hold two health potions inside of your item slots, in your Inventory.
  • If you want to make a big lead with a lot of bones, be sure to have at least one health potion in your item slot, just in case anything happens where you have to fight for your bones.
  • Health potions heal only if you have 1/4th of your health missing or lower

How to Find it?

The Health Potion can be found floating above Item Pedestals, Item Containers and inside Crates. There is also a Shop in Ruins and CTF (Capture the Flag), where you can trade other items for Health Potions. There is a chance a Goblin can drop one when killed.

Old Model

The old Health Potion model.

The old Health Potion model was a red, transparent bottle.

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