Hell mode was added on 6/15/17, and removed. Hell mode is essentially a giant square box with regular sand tiles but tinted red. The player (you) will spawn as a Shadow which is a sort or black goblin with claws or an axe. Shadows have 2 health. There are a few item pedestals scattered around the map, but no crates. To become a human, you must kill a human. If you die as a Shadow or a human, you will respawn as a Shadow. Only humans can score in hell mode, and it appears as if nothing happens to your score when you die, as there is no leaderboard as of yet. All humans in hell automatically have a skull and their weapon is the one that they have equipped. Only when you are a shadow do you not have the choice to pick a weapon.


There are a few messages that you can get while playing in hell mode:

  1. "KILL A HUMAN TO BECOME A HUMAN" - This message is displayed in large letters as soon as you spawn into hell mode
  2. "YOU ARE A HUMAN NOW" - Displayed when you kill a human as a Shadow
  3. "NEW HIGH SCORE" - When you pass your previous number of Shadow kills
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