Houses spawn across the map and are generated procedurally in some modes. Depending on the building, there may be a stove, chests or wardrobes, and it may have multiple rooms as well as having a chance of having one or two item pedestals. You need a key to get into houses as the doors are always locked unless it has been unlocked previously by a player. In desert royale all houses are unlocked by default and carry equipment and items for the player. There are also respawn forts where the player spawns in during the winter survival or deathmatch gamemodes.


  • Stone Houses: Very common structures across the map. These are typical houses, except they often have windows.
  • Wood Houses: Normal houses made of vertical logs of wood.
  • Huts: These houses have wood walls but straw roofs. They are located next to barbarian camps, and are full of crates.
  • Mini Forts: These houses don't have roofs, and are comprised of logs whose tops have been sharpened. Mini forts often have flags and bots inside, and therefore brown and grey teams can take control of these. The other prominent mini forts on the map are the grey and brown team spawns, which can't be entered by players of the other teams.


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