The Ice Staff is a ranged weapon, which you can buy from the Armory with a price of 2400 Coins. This weapon can shoot small projectiles of blue magic bullets. The normal attack for this weapon is pretty slow. The special attack is a frost bolt that can pierce through multiple enemies and freeze them. Originally the Ice Staff's ranged attack was a long beam that did 0.5 damage repeatedly, but since it was easily blockabIe, and extremely laggy, it was given a buff changing the beam into ice projectiles that do 0.5-1 damage each depending on level.


  • Charge time: 0.3 (fast)
  • Stamina use per charge: 0.4
  • Melee damage: 0.5-1 health points depending on level
  • Attack duration: 0.6 (slow)
  • Melee range: 40 (normal)
  • Ranged damage: 1.0 health points
GIF - Ice Staff Special Attack

The Ice Staff's special attack in demonstration. This is the older version of ice staff that fired a beam


  • Ezgif-5-ee786abc3a

    Blue projectiles from the ice staff

    If you move diagonally while firing ice projectiles, they won't hit you when kicked back.
  • The special is very useful paired with bombs and traps.
  • Useful when paired with mirage potions, because there are more ice bullets from you and your clone.
  • Look out for enemies trying to dash away while frozen by your special, or else you won't get good hits in.


Not to be comfused with Earth Staff

Projectiles are fired from the player's hand rather than the staff itself. In theoretical, the staff is only useful if the player throw it.

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