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, go to this page: Ranked Leaderboards)

The Leaderboard shows both the name and the amount of bones (points) of the top 1-12 players on a server. The player with the most bones will get 1st Place and will become the King of the map. The King of the map will receive a golden crown. You can now access the leaderboard by pressing and holding tab.

1st Place's background is green, 2nd Place's background is yellow, and 3rd Place's background is orange/red.

The In-Game Leaderboard is not available in the 1v1(arena), 2v2(browars) and 3v3 (removed gamemode) game modes.

*When you are in a map with only a few players and you create clones you might see multiples of your name on the In-Game Leaderboard.

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