The knife is a throwable item that is placed in one of the two right slots in the player's inventory. The knife is a projectile that can be kicked back or blocked if timed correctly. The knife deals 2 damage if it hits a hostile player. The knife, being a player's inventory projectile, is also aimed by moving the mouse. The Knife was one of the 4 first items added into the game, alongside the Health Potion, Haste Potion and Bomb.
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Knife in Flight

How to Find it?

The Knife can be found floating above Item Pedestals, Item Containers and inside Crates. Additionally, there is a Knife Shop in both the Ruins and the CTF (Capture the Flag) game modes, where you can trade any items for Knives.

Old Model

Old Knife
The old Knife model was a thin knife with a leather handle. In the earlier days of, the Knife was a powerful tool, dealing 4 damage while knocking down enemies.

A knife thrown at another player, dealing 2 damage.

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