NOTE: CTF and Graveyard gamemodes and their leaderboards have been removed from the game

The leader boards is where even the best of wilds players compete against each other for #1. To find it, click the golden trophy right of where it says "logout". Click on that button, and you will be taken to the leader boards. You should be on the first out of 3 leader boards: the bone leader boards. This is the main one. Try to earn as many points as possible to be #1 on this world leader board. You may notice that there are symbols next to these players on the leader board. Those are bone ranks, and you get them after getting a specific amount of bones. The current #1 is named "The Demon King", with 217523 bones (Skull with eyes and crossbones rank).

Next to this is the Soccer leader boards. This leader board is where everyone plays in soccer matches and scores as many goals as they can to get points and be #1. Play in the mode "football" to compete. The current #1 of soccer is named "PRO MEGAS XLR", with 2417 points (Golden Cup rank).

And finally, on the right side of the leader board is the arena. This is the toughest. In arena, you must fight other players (1vs1 no items) and win a match. This gets you 10 points, and the opponent is always close to your ranking. Beat as many people and get as many points as you can, to be #1 on this leader board, and prove how awesome you are at wilds. The current number one is "Kebabistis Is Banned", with 549 points (golden skull rank).

Not In-game

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The Leaderboard with CTF and Graveyard (OLD)

After Bones is the CTF leader board. Here is where people around the world capture as many flags as they can to be #1 on the CTF leader board. To compete, play in the mode CTF. The current #1 in CTF was "Marez", with 2475 flags (skull flag rank).

The last on the leaderboard is the graveyard leader board. Graveyard is a gamemode that requires up to ten players, some playing as humans, and some playing as shadows. Shadows hunt humans and the humans must try to survive. The #1 on this leaderboard was ShadoW_Wolf with 1532 points.

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