Screenshot (515)

The bar for the leveling system

The leveling system is a mechanic that buffs player's stats when they collect bones. There is a level bar at the bottom of the screen, which fills up when the player gets bones. Once the bar fills, the player levels up & gains a buff, and must collect enough bones to reach the next level. At higher levels, it takes more bones to level up. Different stats that are buffed include health, damage, and speed. The max level is 10 and everyone starts out at 0, the difference between 0 and max level is 0 has no buffs while max level has 2x times the amount of health, damage and speed. For example, if a weapon does like 2 damage per hit on the enemy when level 0, then that damage should by multiplied by 2 when max level, so the damage will be 4.
Levelling system

A player collecting bones and increasing their level

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