The Mirage Potion is usable once, and replicates the player who used it. There's no limit to how many clones you can release, however there is a set time. Once the time is over, one clone will disappear. Summoned clones deal 1/3 damage that a player can inflict.

When clones gather items or armor, they are added to the inventory of the player. Stamina orb and health orbs are also added to the player when the clone will raise them. However clones cannot be healed, unless you bring it to a lit campfire.

The clone follows your exact movement and attacks when you attack. However, many effects do not apply to clones such as Health Potions, Haste Potions, Stamina Potions, and other Mirage Potions.

The speed at which you and your duplicate moving is not always synchonized. Your speed is dynamic and can be increased if leveled up, while your clones is not and keep the base speed, which is your speed at level 0, instead.


Clone animation. This happens when a clone is summoned or disappears after the set time limit.

The clone will last for 15 seconds before it disappears.

Mirage potions are especially useful for ice mage staffs and archers.

If your clones are killed, they will only drop health/stamina orbs

If your clone grabs any item, it will go to you. Example: while you are walking your clone picks up a health orb, 3 bones, and a stamina orb. This gives you more stamina, health, and 3 more bones.

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