This is a strange space dimension with flying paths, rocks and floors made of unknown material that look like big marble blocks. Part of this mystic world is on video but it is not known what else can be found in it except floating objects. The recording from this unknown place was published by Rezoner on his Twitter.

Only he knows what this place is, how you can get to it, and whether players will ever see it with their own eyes.

We also see by the image and video, that this is footage from the older From the time when players had 6 Hitpoints and the "Brutal Football" score under them. There's also a strange background on this map, probably illustrating stars.

Mysterious dimension

Mysterious dimension

Personal theories

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  • Rezoner must need a lot of space to store all of the unused characters and code and game mechanics that he trashed after a couple weeks. This is where the lost wilds sprites and code wander, after being rejected by rezoner himself.
  • Entering the cave with the eyes leads you here.
  • Rezoner developed while severely sleep deprived and this is the result.
  • Vykrad's Theory: This is the Void. The Void is a place where greens never grow, and where monsters never stops hunting the unfortunate living beings, who either by accident or intention enter the hidden passages to this area. In the Void, you can see loads of stars in the sky, all around you. Those stars symbolizes the deaths of the many ancient and legendary warriors who unitedly fought and struggled to defend their home world, side by side, against the Monsters of the Void... a tale that nobody speaks of anymore, in fear of reawaken the evils that lurks in the shadows of the Void.
  • This is the dimension where the yetis and goblins come from. They managed to teleport into the side of the mountain later breaking out to terrorize the wilds killing players etc. Then one day a hero came and sealed away the yetis to this day there are no yetis. Yet the goblins run freely I bet he let them go because they were weak. And that is the story of the MYSTERIOUS DIMENSION
  • No one knows where this leads. No one knows where this place starts. Everything's a mystery. Why do you exist. Why does exist? Perhaps you will be sucked here for eternal damnation after abusing too many glitches.
  • BILBOOO's theory: This place is not able to be accessed through normal means (or else someone would have found it by now). This is just like any other coded map, just not accessed. #dreamscrushed
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