The mystery box is an item currently only found in Chests, and very rarely, Yetis. The odds of getting a mystery box for chests is about 1:2. The mystery box randomly assigns your player a whole different set of wearable items, and a new weapon. Your player will keep all of these until he or she dies from any cause.

However, not all weapons and hats are possible to acquire after picking up the mystery box.

Here is a list of possible weapons and hats that can be dropped at mystery chest obtained:


  • Sword
  • Hammer
  • Bow


  • Viking Helmet
  • Fox Mask
  • Legion Helmet
  • Fedora


  • Reinforced Wooden Shield

Note: Mystery Boxes can no longer be obtained in treasure chests anymore. The only way to obtain a Mystery box is by killing a yeti, and even then it is rare.

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