Note: You may be looking for the Fort page, which is kept up to date with what happens to the fort. This page refers to an old wilds update when there was no Supply Shed and the fort was in the upper left corner of the Ruins map.


Egzekutor's Palisades are one of the coolest structures added to the game. Egzekutor made different sprites for the Palisades, and as of April 15th, 2017, the palisade is in-game! Palisades work to protect you from projectiles like the arrows, knives, magic bullets, the Bow special and the Ice Staff special. It also keeps members of the opposing team out.

There are 3 parts of the fortress:

  1. The palisade wall - The sharpened wall of logs around the outside of the fortress
  2. The palisade rampart - The platform on the inside perimeter
  3. The palisade ramp - The sloped section leading up to the rampart
  4. The palisade gates - Can be destroyed by hammer and explosives

There are currently 4 ways to get into the palisade fortress:

  1. Using the spear special attack
  2. Being roped in by someone on the inside
  3. Using the rope glitch to "fly" in
  4. Using a bug to get in

There are many ways to exit the palisade wall, a few of them being:

  • Kicking the wall*
  • Charge attacking the wall*
  • Falling near the wall*
  • Taking knock back near the wall*
  • Jumping out
  • Being pulled out by a rope
  • Spear special attack
*causes fall damage

The palisade's first appearance in-game

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