The player inventory consists of 4 slots which can hold items found in the world. The inventory holds all items collected by the player; however, it can only hold 4 items. Players may collect only 2 of each type of item.


The left 2 slots of the inventory hold only potions, and the right 2 slots hold combat items. All 4 slots can be used to hold wood. Once an item is used, it disappears from the slot. You can discard an item from a slot by holding its action key; this will allow you to throw out the item without using it. Throwing out an item to one of the Shops found in the world will enable you to "purchase" the item that shop is selling. During the Survival Update but before the Desert Fort Update There was a thermometer added which showed your current body temperature and needed to go near stoves or campfires to increase your temperature again as you walked slow when it was empty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.11.34 AM

Player discarding a health potion

The inventory also shows the stamina of the player. There are two stamina bars that can be filled. The bottom one is filled over time automatically, and the second can be filled by using a Stamina Potion, or by collecting Stamina Orbs.

On the right side of the inventory, the player's special attack is shown. The special attack can be used by pressing 'R', but it has a long cooldown (approximately 15 seconds). The special attack move is different for every weapon.

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Inventory with 4 open slots

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