This section is for any possible upcoming ideas. This includes leaks or hidden files found inside of the coding. Players are encouraged to comment their ideas in the comments section below. Ideas will be removed once it is confirmed as an old idea, or when it is added to the game. For more informations about incoming things see this topic:

Discord Wilds Bot

It is possible that a discord bot will soon be added to wilds discord servers. Rezoner and TheGhostInTheMachine are working on it together. The idea was originally posted on the forum.

Winter Map


It is possible that a winter map may come soon as Tytanowy Janusz, a forum user and sprite contributor, has made arts for a winter map. The winter map is currently being worked on by issa04.

Tytanowy also created the Mountain Walls.

This is almost in the game currently. None of Tytanowy's sprites were added, but we do have winter survival.

Tribe Chat

It is possible that there will be the addition of tribe chat as it has been viewed by rezoner and has been a highly requested feature of rezoner on both the forum and reddit.

Fire Staff


Picture of the fire wand. (It has no use but as I did speak to striker he said it had a fire ball attack)

There are some files regarding the addition of a Fire Staff. Tell us what you think its special attack will be...

Earth Staff

Egzekutor, part of the wilds developer team (a builder), has also dropped hints about an upcoming earth staff.

Sadly, this has been deprecated and unlikely to be added into the game.

New Wall Tiles

Tytanowy Janusz' Walls2

Wall tiles with the different team flags.

New wall tiles made by one of the builders of the game, Tytanowy Janusz. It is likely these tiles are going to be added into the game, as Rezoner has taken it into consideration. They are currently being reworked by Egzekutor. Here are some pictures of Tytanowy's work:

The wall tiles are already in the game with the exception of the wall tiles with the different team flags which is not in game currently.

Tytanowy Janusz' Walls

All the different wall tiles, made by Tytanowy Janusz.



Grass shown with sheds in a palisade

Egzekutor, another game builder for wilds, is currently finishing work for new grass tiles. It will be probably be used on a new map of some kind, though a transition between sand and grass was discussed on the forums

Grass was in the game at some point and hasn't made a reappearance in game yet.


A bridge designed by Egzekutor connecting grassy hills


There is a place in the fort map near the bear carpet at the bottom of the map on the cliff wall parallel to the wall of the bear carpet that looks like a slab of stone. It does not look natural and may be a portal to another secret map.

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