Quests are a way to

An example of quests

get coins in wilds. You can only get 4 quests in a day. As of August 16th, quests are the most easy and efficient way to farm coins, surpassing ogre hunting and chest camping.

Getting a quest

New quest

The new quest button

To get a new quest, click the "Tap to get a new quest" button on the wilds home screen. One of the quests will be randomly selected and displayed in the box.

Abadoning a quest

To abandon a quest, right-click the button with active quest. You can do it 4 times until your daily limit is ended.

Tracking the quest

Quest hud

No quests in the in-game HUD

The quest shows up as an in-game HUD on the bottom right corner below your gold count. There are two little boxes in the HUD that can have either a "?" when you don't have a quest, or a number representing how much you still have to do to complete the quest.

Types of Quest

Quest types consist of:

  • Cutting down trees
  • Winning football matches
  • Scoring goals in football matches
  • Giving the fort or campfire wood
  • Destroying the fort gate
  • Winning arena matches
  • Giving people health potions and healing them
  • Blocking enemies
  • Killing enemies/killing enemies with specific weapons

Finishing the quest and claiming your coins

After completing the quest, the number in the HUD box for that quest will turn into a gold coin and a notification will come in the in-game chat saying you finished the quest. Upon returning to the wilds home screen, you can click the completed questing box to claim your coins.

Completed hud

A completed quest in the in-game HUD

The only way to clear a quest is to complete it.
Completed home

A completed quest on the home screen

Quests refresh every 6 hours. Quest rewards range from 75 to 200 gold. The more difficult the quest, the higher the gold reward.
Quest notif

Chat the player gets upon completing a quest

Below is a list of possible quests the player can get.

Quest List

Quest Difficulty Gold Reward Tips
Cut down 10 trees Easy Use axe
Cut down 20 trees Easy Use axe, avoid fights
Destroy the fort gate Medium Use two bombs
Repair the fort gate using 4 pieces of wood Easy Throw wood at a fort gate even if repaired fort gates
Repair fort gate using 16 pieces of wood Easy Throw wood at the for gate even if it's already repaired
Repair for gate using 16 pieces of wood without dying Medium Same as above. Also try to avoid fighting.
Successfully block 3 times Easy Just fight people; watch for players who spam normal attacks and block these
Successfully block 6 times without dying Medium Same as above. You can also try to fight orcs and barbarians, and block their attacks since they don't roll very often.
Successfully block 10 times without dying Hard The easiest way to do this and the other blocking quests is to get a friendly player to help you. Block and have them hit your shield and you'll get this done easily.
Kill 10 enemies Easy See tips.
Kill 3 enemies without dying Medium See tips. Target guests if you are a beginner.
Kill 6 enemies without dying Medium See tips. Make sure to stock up on healing potions if this quest is giving you trouble
Kill a player with a mine Medium See tips
Kill a player by throwing your weapon Medium Throw weapon from small distance, when your enemy doesnt expect it.
Kill a player with a knife Easy Throw knife once enemy is low on health.
Score a goal in a football match Medium* None(must be changed)
Score 2 goals in one football match Hard* None
Win a football match Medium* None
Win any arena match Easy See tips
Win an arena match - you can only die once Medium See tips
Win an arena match without losing Hard See tips
Kill 10 orcs Easy None
Kill 3 orc commanders Medium Kill the other orcs in the group first.

*These quests can be very difficult if there aren't enough players in the football queue. Often, it's a good idea to a andon these quests.

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