This feature has now been removed.

Recruiting players is a good way to get new people to start playing wilds. Click on the green dollar sign next to the bar that tells you how much gold you have. Once you click the button, you will be shown a menu. It should say:

"Recruit new players and make them work for you. You will receive 10% of your recruiter's gold. Send this link to recruit new players."

Under that should be a bar containing your link. Copy and paste this pretty much anywhere you want that is allowed.

Note: you can only recruit people that don't have accounts.

When your recruiter creates an account via your link you gave them, they will be added to your pool. This recruiter will get an automatic 2000 gold for joining. Also, you can get 10% of whatever gold they earn.

You can recruit as many people as you like.

You will know that your recruiter has made an account via your link when you look back at the recruiter box and see a number. Example: 5 people have been recruited by you. You look back on the menu and see the number 5 on the recruiter box.

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