The scythe is a weapon exclusively available on desert royale. It is found scattered across the map on item pedestals. The scythe is arguably the strongest weapon in the game as it can drag nearby players towards you and also stuns them, giving you a chance to do massive damage on a player, if not killing them entirely.

The scythe special is very unique. The player rolls forward while shooting several hooks out toward nearby enemies. The number of hooks depends on the number of enemies there are around. The hooks can miss the players that they shoot out at.

This is the only weapon that has a emote when the special is activated. The player says "Get over here" as they perform the move.


  • Charge time: 0.6
  • Base melee damage: 5
  • Attack duration: 0.5
  • Charge time: 0.75
  • Melee range: 60


  • This emote may be a reference to the popular fighting game known as Mortal Kombat. "Get over here" is a catch phrase used by the popular character Scorpion.
  • This weapon was introduced in the 2018 Halloween update as the weapon wielded by whichever player was using the pumpkin mask. This is why it does so much damage - it was designed as a type of boss weapon, and had to be powerful enough to fight off groups of players that were all trying to kill the pumpkin-headed player.
  • This weapon was requested very often by the community, but it actually made it's first appearance in Rezoner's other game,
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