The shadow is what the player immediately spawns as in hell mode. When a shadow manages to kill a human, it becomes a human itself. Shadows start out with 2 health. A shadow does not have a normal inventory, they can't pickup or use items. Shadows wear crowns or viking helmets, which become visible when they die. Shadows can block successfully, but only some carry a shield. Upon killing a human, a large explosion is created (no damage done) around the newly necromanced human to give the new human some space to get started. The weapon a shadow gets will be randomly pick out of these two weapons: Axe, or Claws. When a shadow kills a human, and becomes a human, the player regains the weapon and armor they chose when entering the game. After becoming a human, you have to kill as many shadow creatures and earn as many points as you can before they kill you.

Shadows were removed along with the Hell gamemode, but still can be summoned by the developers. Shadows drop bones when killed after being spawned by the developers. When spawned in, they are basically re-skinned bots.

Shadows where brought back in the Graveyard update but where later removed again due to the modes low popularity. They can now only been seen in private severs.

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