Soccer is a ranked team-based game mode in There are two teams with four players each, playing soccer against each other. The Soccer Ball is being used here to score goals.

If you score a goal in Soccer, you will gain a Soccer point. As Soccer is ranked, you can fight your way to the top of the Soccer Leaderboard. While playing football, a Rank Icon will show next to your name. Note that the soccer leaderboard is not the same as the arena leaderboard. In the top right of your soccer match you can see your opponent's score and your score. There is also a large timer, but it doesn't work, it just goes into the negatives, so don't worry if the match is taking long.


The main objective is to score 3 goals before the enemy team does it, or have the most goals before the time runs out.

A match is supposed to last for maximum 10 minutes, although there are bugs that allow for negative time.

Controlling the Ball

You can control where the ball goes by hovering your mouse over to the direction you want the ball to go. Walking into the ball will bounce it with some power ahead of you.

Note: Kicking the ball will send it flying over nearby players and obstacles in the direction you're facing. (In previous versions this wasn't a feature).

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