Spear jump

The Spear using its special ability

The Spear is a melee weapon with longer range than the other melee weapons. It's special attack is not an offensive attack, but more of an escape maneuver. The Player uses the spear to pole vault, and can then easily move up mountain walls and over players and traps. The spear has two attacks completely unique to it. The spear throw is straight and fast, like a javelin. It appears to be about the same speed as a knife when thrown. Its charge attack is a long lunge forward with a narrow hitbox. These two attacks were changed from the defaults on the 9/9/17 update.

There are planned changes for the spear (according to Userecho, to up it's combat potential.)


  • Charge time: 0.6 seconds
  • Melee damage: 0.625-1.25 health points depending on level
  • Stamina use per charge: 0.5 stamina points
  • Attack duration: 0.3 (slightly slower than claws)
  • Melee range: 60 (the furthest)
GIF - Spear Special Attack

The Player uses the Spear's special attack to easily get to the top of the cliffs.


Spear charged and normal attack and same attack duration as sword


  • The spear is very useful near spikes and traps, as it's long reach enables players to hit others into their death from a distance.
  • The pole vault is useful for entering the Fort, from which you can use hooks to bring in other players.
  • Remember not to spam the normal attack, as the spear's long range means it is easily blocked.
  • The spear's lunge attack is great for chasing down runners
  • Although the spear can vault over the spikes and quicksand, don't try to vault over the sand worm! The Sand Worm can kill you in mid-air. If you want to escape The Worm Pit, be sure that The Sand Worm is not close to you.
  • The spear's best attack is its throw, so to use it successfully you have to be good without a weapon.
  • Remember, if you're moving the same direction that you lunge in, it will carry you pretty far. Be careful around spikes and walls!
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