*These icons have been temporarily removed from the game

Special Icons are icons next to a player's name who has met the requirements to have an icon. The icons are shown all the time, and may give the player a certain status. There are currently 16 different Special Icons in the game, and each icon has its requirements:

Verified Player

Verified Player: Most likely some well known streamer. Please be on your best behavior if you see such a person as they may be recording right now. If you are a streamer and you want to confirm your identity you must have at least 10,000 subscribers.


Patreon: Someone who is supporting the game with real money - either through Patreon, or buying gold in the shop. This is the most common icon in


Builder: Someone who is considered to be in the developer team - this can either be a moderator or a person who is making maps. Currently, there are two builders in the game: Egzekutor (who has made Palisades and Paths) and Tytanowy Janusz (Made Mountains, and an alternative wall type. Go to Possible Upcoming Additions to see it.)


Creator: It's most likely the author of this game, Rezoner [1] When he has this icon on, he is probably investigating some bugs, spawning yetis, or looking for someone to ban.


Teacher: The teacher icon can be earned by training people in Wilds Training Camp. It is currently being assigned by Moms Spaghetti. There are six levels of being a teacher. Depending on how many people trained and how successful you were, you can earn an icon.


Wiki Contributor: The wiki contributor icon is currently being assigned by Traxido, creator of this wiki. Depending on how many edits and if they were good, you can earn one levels 1-6, like the teacher.

How to earn Badges

The badges you can earn are the teacher and wiki contributor badges. Firstly you have to join the discord server. Then you have to train other player to earn your teacher badge. On the other hand you need at least 25 good wiki edits to receive a wiki contributor badge.

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