Stamina is an important factor to the gameplay in How much stamina you have, is shown on the two thin bars at the bottom of the screen, above the Player Inventory, in-game.

Stamina potion-0

This is what a stamina potion looks like.

The lower bar refills automatically, but the upper bar needs Stamina Orbs and/or Stamina Potions in order to be refilled.

Stamina also regenerates twice faster when the Player is idle.

How Does it Affect Gameplay?

Stamina Orb

A stamina orb.

Stamina is what players need in order to perform certain moves and controls, like running and charged attacks. Players with Bows and Ice Staffs also need stamina in order to fire their projectiles.

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This is the player's inventory in-game, and the two stamina bars (the two thin bars).

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