This feature has been removed.

The Supply Shed is a building used for item storage. There is only currently one found inside the fort. Pressing B activates the GUI of the warehouse. Items can be transferred from the player inventory (top) to the warehouse inventory (bottom) by clicking, or throwing the item into the shed. Unlike the player inventory, Supply Sheds can hold many times more items, and items are also indefinitely stackable. You can also contribute items by throwing them (holding down the item key) at it. In a new server, The Supply Shed has 2 Health Potions, 4 Knives, and 4 Logs.

Uses In-game

Most of the time, Supply Sheds are used to store perishable or consumable items such as wood or potions within forts. Weapons such as throwable and placeable items may also be stored. Only one team can occupy the fort at once so the Supply Shed is used as a communal resource storage to better equip players against enemy attacks. Storage is perhaps most useful for storing wood, which has to be brought from the forest at the bottom of the map or from the trees near the north-west side of the map. Items may be taken out of it by opening the GUI and clicking items you want if your inventory isn't full. (Try not to take too much, as other team members may need them).

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