Sword attack
The sword was the third melee weapon to be added to the game, and is regarded as one of the best because of its strong special and fast swing speed.

The sword is similar to the axe, though with a different special attack. The user spins around in multiple fast circles damaging all enemies in a certain radius around the attack. It is invincible throughout the special from non-explosives for a long duration. The user can still control their player's movement throughout the duration of the special. This attack deals two damage to non-blocking enemies in its path, but each enemy can only be hit once. Blocking the special attack does not stun the player using it. Sword has actually been a very controversial weapon as it was "over-powered" according to some players.


  • Charge time: 0.6
  • Base melee damage: 1.5
  • Attack duration: 0.4 (slightly slower than claws)
  • Stamina use per charge: 0.5 stamina points
  • Melee range: 40 (normal)
GIF - Sword Special Attack

The Sword's special attack in demonstration.


  • The sword special is a very useful tool: Use it defensively to keep enemies away from you, use its special as a shield, or just use it to damage your enemy.
  • Remember that the sword special is vulnerable to explosives.
  • Dashing while using the sword's special is highly recommended, because it is quick and can catch the enemy off-guard.
  • The sword's special can sometimes have incredible knock-back on opponents. This is very useful if you are trying to run away.
  • The sword special's knockback potential could also be extra useful when fighting in 1v1 arena, knocking your opponent off the high ground into the spikes.
  • If both your opponent and yourself are holding swords, and your opponent had just used his/her special, using your special on him is highly recommended because the damage will be only done to the one who used it first.
  • Despite the sword special's use time being longer than shielding time, you do not take damage for not blocking for the entire period of time. Just block it once and you can stay close to your opponent when your shield goes down. This can be helpful for you: if you stay close and then hit your opponent right as their sword special ends, you can get in some easy damage.
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